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Federico Rinaldi (1994) is a Director of Photography based in Rome.

"I consider myself to be an observer. My interest in this field came from transforming observations of light into creative inspirations. Light, in all its manifestations, is the core and structure of life and the universe we live in. Understanding how light works in our world, taught me how to utilise it; it taught me how to shape light and produce the most stunning images, no matter what the message aims to be."
Federico's journey began with photography, at the age of thirteen. He was fascinated by cameras and found the technical input just as interesting as the final image output. It was not until he was 16 that he started to explore motion picture. Fast forward over the years, his work has enabled him to travel extensively, to experience diverse locations and to observe the inner workings of cultural and natural systems. He takes inspiration from the wonderful people he meets along the way and relishes in their shared passion of film.

"My years of experience in the industry have taught me how to produce quality material on the tightest of schedules. I understand the need to work within both; budgets and timescales, without ever compromising the finished integrity of the film."

With extensive experience across different genres and a great interest in evolving technology, Federico has experience working with all formats; lighting fixtures, rigging equipment and camera systems, from film to the solid state formats of the Arri Alexa, Red Camera Systems, Sony Venice and Blackmagic Cameras.

He continues to work on a diverse range of projects aiming at creating unique images without thinking too much at visual trends.


"The goal is always to tell great stories."

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